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We did it, we sent out over 1,300 BOXS/BAGS!!

Thank you so much for your help and your support!!


Don't forget to keep helping us raise extra funds when you shop on Amazon!

We would love for you to be a part of these events or perhaps our smaller monthly events.  Please send me an email and I will let you know when we will meet next.  We have created a group of friends that try to get together to continue to encourage, strengthen and support one another as we move forward. Always holding our babies close and understanding when you have a rough day. Reminding you that it is okay to have a bad day!

I look forward to meeting you and celebrating your heavenly baby!

I hope you can check out our new Heavenly Brothers youtube video. This video was made by Brendan Walsh a brother who has an older sister in heaven.  His mother Rita became a member of our support group a few years ago and has been such a great friend and a big part of growing our foundation. Her encouragement and excitement in our foundation and helping us reach more families who suffer similar losses to her own is so encouraging.  The video also features Kimberly our first mom in the book study/support group.  Her support and strength have been a continued blessing for me as well as so many more moms that have joined our Moms group. Our friendship continues to grow as our group grows. I could not plan all of our Mom's group activities without her help.  I pray that as you watch this video you will see our passion for moving forward while never forgetting.  That although it is so tragic to loose a child that you can feel God's strength, peace and comfort in your life.  Directing your new path, a path of hope! This video is a big blessing for our foundation and especially for each mom who can share their story of their baby and how they continue to be such an amazing part of our lives through our time apart on this earth.

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