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MARCH 12, 2010

Thank you to the family and friends who have helped us put these boxes together in Jason's memory. Those that have supported us and have helped us through Jason's birth and as he passed, we cherish you. We thank you for helping us keep Jason's memory alive!

What a great way to remember his short life.

Jason was born on March 12, 2010. We were not given a baby that we could watch grow, we were given a miracle we could love and learn from. Although we would not change anything we are still left with an emptiness in our lives. We gave Jason his name because it means "Healer"' and although Jason may not be the one who is healing others, his name and his short life we pray will be. God has put it on our hearts that we need to share our story and a few items that we cherish to other families that are going through the same tragic loss. We continue to try and be strong and move through our loss of Jason and especially after miscarriages as we continued to try to grow our family. We pray for strength to get through the days that are tough. May you receive strength during your difficult times.

We were not able to celebrate Jason's 1st birthday the way we had hoped so instead we are celebrating his life.

We are passing out Heavenly Brother's Boxes each year through God's grace. From the support of our family, friends and many families that have received one of our boxes we have passed out more boxes then we could have imagined. 

We pray that the families that receive a box made in memory of Jason, his cousin Matthew and so many babies that are now playing with our boys can cherish them as well as find comfort in the items they hold. We know this is terribly hard, but we now hold Jason even closer to our hearts and pray that our love for him and his life will help you as you hold onto your heaven sent child.

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