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Heavenly Brothers Boxes

Each Family will recieve a specially made box with the apporpriate items we feel will help them heal after their tragic loss of a baby. We are now creating over 4 different types of boxes so please contact us to see how we can send you a box that will meet your needs.

We want to encourage your to take a picture of your precious baby.  We know at the time you may not but believe me later you will wish you did. That is why we add a picture frame so you have a place to hold the picture of your beautiful newborn baby when you are ready.

Our original boxes included this book from a donation by the son of the author of the book, “Heaven at Seven”. He added this book as a way to help others who have lost a child after knowing how hard it was to watch his mother. His mother wrote this fictional book about heaven after witnessing the tragic death of her 7 year old daughter and then having to deal with the loss of her baby a year later.

We enjoyed passing these books out. Thank you for your donation!

A handprint/footprint mold kit to help you hold onto the tiniest fingers or toes of the baby you just gave birth too.

A little cuddly that can be used to keep your newborn baby comforted during their life.

A book to read now and/ or later when the days seem long and you are not sure how to cope with what just happened. – “"I will carry you”." This book was a gift to me from my sister after Jason passed. Although I cried a lot as I read this book I really felt that it was beautifully done. What an inspirational family. This book gave me several verses I use for encouragement. It helps when you know you are not alone and you can get through this tragedy in your life. This book helped me find the inner strength I need to keep moving ahead for our oldest son Nathan.

A package of flower seeds these can be planted as a yearly reminder of the precious baby you have waiting for you in heaven.

We also add a CD from King and Country called Crave.  Music has always helped me and I hope you like this CD as much as I do. 

A Book "Choosing to See" by Mary Beth Chapman

As well as a music CD "I will rise" by Steven Curtis Chapman. These are very insirational to me. They both help me see that there is more to my loss and grief. May you find your inspiration too.

We also add two books for families that are faced with a miscarriage. This is so hard to move through. So we pray you find comfort in this book and a way to turn to God and find your dreams again. The first book "Empty Arms" and "Greiving the child I never knew".

A Nursery book – “"On the night you were born"”. A precious story of the wonderful and marvelous baby that was just born. I felt this book was such a blessing for me after Jason was born. I enjoyed reading it to him as much as possible. The bible verse in this was a verse that I still keep dear to my heart.

A small figurine that will help the family hold

onto the the baby that they were unable to hold.

A mothers/fathers journal – This is a chance for you, your husband and family to write your feeling and thoughts down about your baby. Keep a record of what is going on. It will help you get through some tough moments and even give you a chance to write your thoughts down when you are not ready to share them with anyone. There are so many reasons to write down your feelings in a place that is safe.

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