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Our Board Members:

Rachael Fedor Founder and Excutive Director David Fedor Vice President Chris O. Secretary

Kathy S. Treasurer Laurie K. Chairman Erin H. Honorary Member

Foundation was Established in May 2011

Non-Profit status in May 2012

Update on Number of Boxes Donated:

Through your support we are now passing out boxes at 14 locations in the area.  We are passing out several boxes through email requests anywhere in the United States.  We have almost reached our goal of passing out over 1000 boxes since we became a non-profit foundation! I would never have imaged that passing out 6 boxes on Jason's first birthday would have led to ALL of this.  Such a true blessing!! It is amazing to see how God has been turning our heartbreak into something so wonderful!  Thank you all so much for helping us see the beauty that is coming from Jason’s short life. We are so blessed to honor and remember so many new babies that are playing with Jason in Heaven.

Prayer request:

We continue to ask for your prayers as we continue to pass out more boxes. We ask for God's strength and his direction in our foundation. We could not continue to grow our foundation if it was not for God's hand and the support of our family and friends. We also ask for prayers for the families that receive one of our boxes. We say that this is not a group we want to be apart of but we are so glad that we have a group of wonderful parents to understand what it is like to loose a baby and continue to move forward with empty arms and broken hearts.

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