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Pediatric Hospice Care

Bringing Jason home with Hospice was the best and most important decision we made. At first we thought that having Hospice would mean that we had to admit that Jason was going to die but it really meant that Jason was coming home to live. Jason was able to truly feel love and get his entire medical needs met in the comfort of our home.

As parents we are faced with decisions on whether to continue with a pregnancy that will most likely result in death, or terminate our pregnancy. For those of us parents who find it hard to make that decision there is someone out there that can help. Turn to a hospice homecare team that can help you prepare and plan for your baby’s arrival as well as preparing for their departure to heaven. Hospice home care teams give you support for all of the decisions you will be facing while you are at the hospital or preparing to bring them home.

As a family you have to accept the diagnosis before you can move on. It is hard to handle that the little baby you just gave birth to is going to go to heaven early. Please take your time to ensure that you know it is okay that you can not fix them and make them whole but you can ensure that they are comforted during their short life.

Your love can hold them close to your heart and those around you so take comfort in the fact that you are doing your best for your baby by getting them set up with a hospice team. We do not know how long we have in this world but we do know we want to make the most out of the time we are given.

May God help you find the strength and courage to care for your precious little baby.

The Hospice we used:

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