After much prayer we decided to host a Virtual Fundraiser this year! We would like families to sponsor one or more of our Heavenly Brothers Baby Bereavement, Stillbirth boxes or a Miscarriage bag. Sometimes when you lose a baby you feel all alone and seeing a name of someone you do not know showing you support may bring a greater warmth then we can imagine. You can use the fundraiser link to send a donation, tell us how many boxes or bags you would like to sponsor and what name you would like on the card that will be included in the box or bag.  

Our Miscarriage bags are about $18.00, our Baby Bereavement box is about $67.00, our Stillbirth box is about $60.00 and our Spanish box is about $52.00 each. 

For any questions please contact Rachael.

We are also praying that the Smith Family Fun Run in Tinley Park

will take place in May.  We will keep you updated on a date once one is approved. 

For more details go to:

You can also see our Amazon Wish list to help purchase items that we can use for our Special Care Boxes and Bags.

We thank you for all of your support, encouragement for our foundation!

We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family- Thank you!!